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Gloria Steinem's Life and Lessons (VIDEO)

April 27, 2010

Women's Media Center founder and legendary feminist Gloria Steinem was featured on New York 1's "One on One" with Budd Mishkin last night, where Mishkin described WMC as a "clearinghouse for progressive women to appear in the media." Gloria discussed her lifelong passion for feminism, including her work amplifying women's voices a journalist and the founder of Ms. Magazine. She also described how her childhood has affected her values and her life, and why feminism is still a pertinent issue. Reacting to those who believe women's rights have already been fully achieved, she said: "If you think about social justice movements, you understand that unless they last a century, they aren't fully absorbed into the culture." "It's like a kind of instant friendship," she said, speaking about the intimacy she feels with people – even strangers – whose lives have been affected by her work. She told the story of a father who flagged her down to point out a sign that read "People Working," rather than the age-old "Men Working." "My daughter's an electrician," he said, "and she had to wait in a sleeping bag to get an apprenticeship, but she's an electrician! Isn't that great?" Click here to view the whole profile, and watch a clip below: Mishkin ends with a moving anecdote from his fellow reporters at New York 1: "If I had any doubt about the impact of her work," he says, "I was reminded by more than a few of my female colleagues...who told me as I left for the interview: 'Please tell her, thank you.'"