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Gloria Steinem, WMC Co-Founder, Speaks with the Palm Beach Post about Reproductive Rights

| March 1, 2012

WMC Co-Founder Gloria Steinem, Photo credit: Jenny Warburg, WMC Photojournalist

WMC Co-Founder Gloria Steinem spoke with Barbara Marshall of the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday in anticipation of her address at Planned Parenthood's 21st annual Tradition of Choice Luncheon the following day. 

In response to Marshall's questions about the 2012 election and today's political climate, Steinem adeptly points out that "In the current climate, Barry Goldwater could not get elected because he supported abortion rights, nor the first Bush, nor could Reagan because of his support of immigrant rights. Even Nixon could not get elected because he supported affirmative action and civil rights."

Of the GOP's attack on women's basic reproductive rights, Steinem explains:

"The Republican candidates have all endorsed the Human Life Amendment (that declares a fertilized egg is a person. Mitt Romney has said he supports it on state but not national levels.) What that means is nationalizing women's bodies. The state could legally restrain us if there is cause to believe we're going to have an abortion or are endangering fertilized eggs. It's a Margaret Atwood novel."

Check out the full interview here.