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Gloria Feldt Explains Why Equal Pay Day 2010 is Equal Power Day

April 20, 2010

GloriaFeldtImagine working three months without pay.  Sounds fun, right?  No?  Alright.  Now let's say the person in the cubicle next to you DOES get paid for those same three months.  Why?  Well because he's a man.  What's that?  You'll have to stop screaming.  I can't understand you when you have conniptions.


As WMC Board Member Gloria Feldt cleverly explains in her article "Why Pay Day 2010 is Equal Power Day," that's just what pay disparity means.  For every day that both men and women work, women receive less recognition for their work.  This sexist pattern becomes all the more significant when we consider its broader social implications.  As Gloria explains:


"Economic inequality narrows the possibilities we have to define our lives at work, in politics and civic life, and in our relationships. True economic equality, on the other hand, would allow us to redefine the meaning of consent, and create relationships that are mutually rewarding in all spheres of life."


To do your part in achieving the promise of true economic equality and honoring "Equal Power Day" as Gloria advises,  lend a hand to the various Equal Pay Day efforts of our sister organizations.

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