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Glenn Beck: Still Sexist

May 20, 2010

On today's Glenn Beck Program, the prolific host took aim at photos of First Lady Michelle Obama in today's Drudge Report. The Drudge caption reads: "Sex in the City!" – because, I guess, Carrie Bradshaw & Co. also wear nice dresses and looked really good sometimes. Beck kicks off his tirade by referring to Michelle Obama as "his wife" (the American population doesn't know her by name?) and accuses her of "trying to look like some kind of Greek statue" (ouch). He continued, veering from sexism into more graphic sexism: "I don't think I've ever seen the First Lady with – excuse the expression – but her breasts all smooshed up. I mean, what is that?" He made another Greek statue reference and asked again, more emphatically, "What is that?" That's the First Lady, whose name is Michelle Obama, wearing a dress at an event. And this is me, once again floored that Beck's producers and sponsors don't bat an eye at his treatment of the First Lady. With so much of Beck's rhetoric centering on patriotism and national loyalty, how does he find it appropriate to comment – with language better befitting a middle school bathroom stall – on the appearance of a national leader? The thing about Beck is that he's not a solo act; millions of dollars of corporate sponsorship give him a national media platform every night of the week. In other words, it's not just Glenn Beck who needs to be held accountable for what Glenn Beck says. Seen, heard, or read something sexist in the media?  Tell us. And if you don't believe it til you hear it: