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Girlcotting Urban Outfitters

June 7, 2010

eat lessClothing company Urban Outfitters has recently launched the sale of two new tshirts – one telling young women to “eat less” and another telling young men to “protect your daughter’s virginity.”  Really now? To this day, women around the world fight tooth and nail to be seen beyond their sexual and reproductive “worth.”  And one in five American girls and women struggle with an eating disorder (National Institute of Mental Health).  Yet Urban Outfitters shamelessly uses sexist slogans to make a buck.  That’s low. In response to these degrading tshirts, Progressive Women’s Voices alumna and national feminist spokesperson Shelby Knox has organized a girlcott of the company.  On her rallying Facebook page for the cause, Shelby resoundingly writes: “Urban Outfitters has hit a new sexist low and it's time for women (and our male and gender non-conforming allies) to hit them where it hurts - the cash register. First there was the men's t-shirt admonishing 'Fathers, it's up to you to protect your daughter's virginity!' - - a creepy throwback to a time where men owned their female relatives and a woman's entire worth was between her legs. daughter virginityNow, there's a women's t-shirt promoting the virtue 'Eat Less' - also known as anorexia and eating disorders. Women and men deserve clothing that doesn't degrade their humanity. We're calling on Urban Outfitters to pull these items and issue a commitment to produce clothing that upholds the value of all people without regard to gender, race, or sexual orientation. Urban Outfitters seems to have paid attention to Shelby’s campaign, as they apparently have stopped the sale of the “Eat Less” tshirt.  No word yet on Shelby’s proposed commitment.  For an interesting discussion on the boycott, read the comments on the boycott Facebook page.