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Get Mom on the News!

May 5, 2010

Tired of the special woman in your life getting no respect? Get her on the news! Women’s Media Center is thrilled to partner with for the second year running with a customizable video campaign, which lets you give due props to any mother you admire. Send the video to all your favorite mothers — and they’ll literally see their name in lights on a movie marquee, as well as personal accolades by Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Saturday Night Live’s Jimmy Fallon, and Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera. It’s funny, it honors mothers… and it includes a back tattoo. Plus it educates folks about economic issues facing mothers; something all moms these days will appreciate. Check it out here, and send along to all the moms you know and love! If you really want to get into our Mother’s Day activities, join the Women’s Media Center’s video contest celebrating choice, read more about how women are making a difference on family-friendly policies, and share our frustration with how media covers moms in our Friday report from Progressive Women’s Voices participant (and author of The War on Moms) Sharon Lerner.
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