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Fresh Conversation on Dads, Dudes, and Doing It

May 15, 2009


Join us on June 20 for this FREE! WMC co-sponsored event!

Fresh Conversation on Dads, Dudes, and Doing It Saturday, June 20, 2009, 2-4 pm Brooklyn Museum of Art

Gloria Feldt, Kristal Brent Zook, Deborah Siegel, and Courtney E. Martin—four diverse, feminist authors and activists—will participate in this provocative discussion right in time for Father’s Day. Representing the perspectives of four unique generations, they’ll wrestle with women’s ever-evolving relationship with the men in their lives—fathers, partners, and sons—and the men out in the world—from Rush Limbaugh to Barack Obama.

Shelly Heller, Director of the Women’s Leader Program at George Washington University calls the panelists, “engaging, clear, direct, and often extremely personal,” and Maya Wainhaus, Program Coordinator at 92YTribeca, says “The panelists left the whole room feeling energized and ready to take charge!” Come and join the long overdue conversation, with special guests Susan Faludi, Jessica Valenti, and Trey Ellis among others.

Check out lively debate already taking place online:

Co-sponsored by the Women’s Media Center and the National Council for Research on Women.