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First Transgender Presidential Appointment Amanda Simpson

January 4, 2010

An original supporter of a transgender-inclusive Employee Non-Discrimination Act, President Obama stuck to his values on December 31 by making Amanda Simpson the first transgender presidential appointment in U.S. history.amanda_simpson_display

A Raytheon employee, former test pilot, and one-time congressional candidate, Simpson will serve as a Senior Technical Adviser at the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security. Simpson is a longtime activist for the LGBT community, and in 2005 successfully worked to have Raytheon adopt gender identity into its Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

“I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds,” Simpson wrote in a statement following her appointment. Many congratulations to Simpson, and hats off to the President for practicing what he preaches. Thanks also to Air America’s Megan Carpentier for the heads-up as this particular glass ceiling shatters.

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