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Fire In the Belly—New Series on Reproducitve Rights at Feministing

March 30, 2009

Fire In the Belly -- New Series on Reproducitve Rights at Feministing Responding to talk about passing the reproductive rights torch and the lack of “fire in the belly” among the younger generation to take up the struggle, Feministing has teamed up with the National Network of Abortion Funds to answer the challenge posed by Debra Dickerson in an article for Mother Jones: "Tell me exactly what today's feminists are doing for the struggle." PWVer Courtney E. Martin of Feministing replied to Debra’s comments in a guest blog  for Mother Jones, and went further to spearhead the Fire in the Belly series, which includes five interviews, over five days (starting March 23, 2009) and brings readers the real stories/insights/lives of young women working in the reproductive justice field. Visit: Fire in the Belly: Liza Fuentes Fire in the Belly II: Alma Avila Pilchman Fire in the Belly III: Lindsey Oliver Fire in the Belly IV: Ayesha Chatterjee