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Category: Politics, Media, Violence against Women

Female Social Media Users in Danger

| December 19, 2011

The Women's News Network published a disturbing story about two female journalists who were murdered in Mexico because of their social media activity meant to protect others against crime. Yolanda Ordaz, a reporter for the Vera Cruz newspaper "Notiver," and María Elisabeth Macías Castro, a reporter for the Nuevo Laredo newspaper "Primera Hora," were both killed in connection to their coverage of drug-related violence. Their deaths are symbolic of a larger trend of violence and abduction of women in certain parts of the country.

Cynthia Arvide writes, "According to Amnesty International these murders and the murder of Elisabeth Macías are a clear threat to social network users who live in the most violent regions of Mexico." Read Sady Doyle's "Girl's Guide to Staying Safe Online" for tips on how to protect yourself against online trolling, cyberstalking, and threats.