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Election 2010: Women to Watch

November 2, 2010

Be on top of the issues and stay informed about what is at stake for women in the 2010 midterm elections through the following commentaries by Women’s Media Center’s Progressive Women’s Voices (PWV) alumnae. Meet seven women who are changing the conversation about women, politics, and the midterm elections in the media:

  • Rose Aguilar, Your Call radio host and writer, penned a piece on where the media's attention should be focused regarding women in the midterm elections. In this article in Truthout, Aguilar argues that the “New York Times gets women voters wrong”.
  • Joanne Bamberger, Pundit Mom blogger and political/media analyst decries meanness as a political tactic in The Huffington Post, and educates politicians about five things they should not forget about women voters on Election Day.
  • Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, co-founder and Executive Director of wrote Mama Grizzlies for Health Reform, a piece about how mothers are all “mama grizzlies” for their children. Additionally, she addressed the Wall Street Journal’s assertion that moms are too tired to vote, spoke out against sexism against women candidates in the media, and spread the word on using Facebook for GOTV efforts.
  • Lorelei Kelly, a national security specialist and Director of New Strategic Security Initiative, speaks to the importance of civic engagement and participation in the midterms and sparked a dynamic discourse about the impact of the Tea Party movement in The Huffington Post. In, Kelly explains why the midterms are crucial for national security issues, in addition to a call to action to engage tech-savvy millenials
  • Shelby Knox, feminist organizer and subject of the Sundance award-winning documentary "The Education of Shelby Knox," warns progressives to treat Christine O'Donnell as a joke  at their own peril.
  • Linda Lowen, covers Women's Issues for, one of the top fifteen most-visited sites on the Internet and a New York Times Company-owned website. In Smart Girls Mean Girls-Being Nasty Takes Us All Down, Lowen calls for unity and respect between women with opposing viewpoints. In her recent Women’s Media Center Exclusive, Lowen urges feminists to shake off any discouragement and take to their social media sites to help turn out the vote.

    The views expressed in the above commentaries are those of the authors alone and do not represent WMC. WMC is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not endorse candidates.