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Documentary about "Honor Killings" in Kurdistan Opens in NY and LA

August 18, 2010

A new film by first time filmmaker Mary Ann Smothers Bruni opened this week in New York and LA documenting the alarming rise in 'honor killings' and the people who are fighting to end these crimes in several middle eastern countries, focusing on Kurdistan. In Quest for Honor, Bruni exposes the heinous act of men killing daughters, sisters, and wives who threaten “family honor,” endangers tens of thousands of women in Iraq, Turkey,Jordan and adjoining countries. Global communication through satellite television,Internet, and cell phones has raised the expectations of young Middle Eastern women, who now are not content to marry a much older relative their father might chooses and live a life of servitude. While young women respond to new ideas from cyber pals in Los Angeles or episodes of popular Western sit-coms, their fathers and brothers demand strict tribal justice for their acts. Particularly in rural areas women have been killed simply for having unfamiliar phone numbers on their cell phones or speaking to men who are not relatives. Check out the trailer here: