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Diane Sawyer Gets an Anchor Chair, Kristof & WuDunn on Women, Jane Fonda in Santa Fe & Dalla

September 9, 2009

Welcome back -- here's hoping your Labor Day holiday was regenerative. It seems the months ahead will be full. The big news of last week, and perhaps for several months to come, was the surprise retirement of Charlie Gibson at ABC News -- and the appointment of Diane Sawyer as anchor of World News. I'll confess, I danced in my WMC office: the prospect of two women anchors at network news desks is pretty exciting, you have to admit. In our statement and interviews we offered the opinion that we are experiencing a watershed moment -- the tipping in favor of women in media, with many gains to be seen over the next few years. Other Powerful Women A member of the WMC family, Advisory Board member Amy Ferris, has big news: the publication of her book, Marrying George Clooney: Confessions from a Midlife Crisis. I read the book early on and got to write a "blurb":

"I knew that Amy Ferris was a brilliant satirist, but in this marvel of a book she guides us into deeper and deeper considerations of everything that matters: mothers, partners, friendships, work -- and the body's many betrayals. I laughed, but was also moved to tears."

For more information about Marrying George Clooney check out the website at,or, better yet, buy the book now! And if you haven't seen the Forbes list of Most Powerful Women, here's a link to it. One of our very own, Progressive Women's Voices alum Cheryl Dorsey, Executive Director of Echoing Green, is asked for her view of power. All these women give us hope. Just one look at Vanity Fair's ranking of 100 Information Age Most Powerful, with few women is depressing. Read Mediaite's take on the list. Half the Sky: Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn I'm including a link to the recent NYTimes Magazine devoted to the Kristof/WuDunn book on women of the world. The book is in stores this week and we'll have more about their plans of action to alleviate the deplorable conditions for many. Marie Wilson, President of The White House Project writes about their contribution -- and those of many women activists -- on WMC's blog, The Majority Post. The Times included a piece on women's philanthropy which singled out several WMC family members: founders of the Women Moving Millions campaign, Helen LaKelly Hunt and Ambassador Swanee Hunt; Jennifer Buffett of the NoVo Foundation, Abigail Disney co-founder of the Daphne Foundation, and Jacki Zehner, co-founder of Circle Financial Group and first woman partner at Goldman Sachs. Our thanks to these women who do so much good in the world. First WMC Public Media Training a Success - Next up: October 23 & November 13 On August 21, 2009, The Women's Media Center held its first open-to-the-public media training.  The training was a success and the eight participants walked away with the skills and practice  they need to deliver top-notch broadcast interviews.  These trainings are designed to teach women how to create clear, powerful messages and deliver them with confidence to any audience.  The next public media training dates are set for Friday, October 23 and Friday, November 13.  Please visit us online or email Vice President, Glennda Testone, directly for more information: Jane Fonda Media Salons, Fall 2009 Back by popular demand, WMC co-founder Jane Fonda is performing from her memoir, My Life So Far for the benefit of the WMC. On September 26 we're in Santa Fe, New Mexico and on October 1 we're in Dallas, Texas.  An intimate dinner party and conversation with Jane follow the reading. For information on attending, please click here or contact Maya Iwata at WMC Essential Reads Calling your attention to our Exclusives -- the first three here from our series on women and the health care debate. We urge you to add your own comments on our blog, The Majority Post. Help us to continue to support women writing commentary pieces by making a $25 donation now, eight donors at $25 each enables us to commission another piece.  Thank you for raising women's voices in the media.

Health Care Reform: Post-recess Politics By Peggy Simpson September 2, 2009 House and Senate members return to D.C. next week having heard an earful from constituents on health care reform. It falls to President Obama to cut through the confusion. Media Blind to GOP Hypocrisy in Health Care Debate By Angela Bonavoglia August 26, 2009 On this Women's Equality Day, the author suggests that the Republicans should not have a free ride as they deny women reproductive care while sanctifying the doctor-patient relationship and decrying government involvement in the health care system. Health Care Reform-What's At Stake for Women? By Peggy Simpson August 20, 2009 The firestorm about the public option may miss the point for women. Women's groups have worked with the White House and legislators to put critical expansion of care in all the major health care reform bills making their way through Congress. For Wage-Earning Women -- A 21st Century Answer By Glenda Holste September 4, 2009 Employed women have a wide variety of needs-equitable wages, reliable benefits, regular hours and flexible schedules-the very issues that unions can address through collective bargaining. Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act can help. Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women's Gains in Human Rights By Margaret Thompson August 28, 2009 In Honduras, the first military coup of the 21st Century is having a devastating effect on human rights, according to the author, a producer at FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavour), which was represented in an international delegation visiting the country this month. Secretary Clinton: The Uses of "First Lady Tendencies" By Nichola D. Gutgold August 24, 2009 A recent media take on the secretary reveals a truncated view of appropriate diplomatic style. A sense of mission derived from her own experiences drives Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, and the broad scope of her background grounds her work. Honoring Evelyn Coke By Ellen Bravo August 14, 2009 She fought all the way to the Supreme Court to win justice for home care workers. Now we must honor her by advancing her cause. With warmest wishes, Carol Jenkins WMC President