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Coverage for Report on Status of Women in Media in Good Magazine

| February 16, 2012

We received some truly wonderful coverage for our new Report on the Status of Women in the US Media from Amanda Hess at Good Magazine.  

"This week," she writes, "the Women's Media Center released its annual report on the state of women in the nation's newsrooms, radio stations, and film sets." She then cites the promising statistic that "In 2011, women held 40.5 percent of newspaper jobs, compared to the 36.6 percent they occupied in 2010." However, "the bad news" is that  "By almost every other measure, media remains overwhelmingly male, and it's getting maler."

Hess chastises media organizations that claim to seek and hire only "the best person for the job" and proceed to hire only "white men named Mike" (this was her personal experience). The reality, she asserts, is that "if we are all truly hiring the best person for the job, it means that we think that men are better."

The Women's Media Center is proud to be inspring journalists to speak up about the imbalance of women's presence and voices in media. After all, writes Hess, "It's easy to hide behind that old journalistic convention of objectivity, but when your 'unbiased' hiring strategy results in the systematic underrepresentation of women, something very biased is going on." Well said.