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Codepink Tells BP to "Expose the Naked Truth"

May 29, 2010

Fem 2.0 reports on Codepink's protest in Houston last weekend of BP's handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Codepink Tells BP to "Expose the Naked Truth"

Fem 2.0, May 25, 2010

Yesterday, protesters from Codepink were in Houston to protest BP’s handling of the Gulf Coast spill. Nearly 100 protesters turned out — some wearing nearly nothing but their shoes and others costumed like birds and fish covered in oil — and demanded that BP end offshore drilling. (Click the photo below for the entire Flickr stream.)

From the press release:
“At the BP headquarters we will put our bodies on the line to hold BP accountable for the rape and plunder of our planet,” says Diane Wilson, a fourth generation fisherwoman from the Gulf who will join Monday’s action. “We call for stripping BP of its corporate charter and seizing its assets to pay the victims, clean up the Gulf and try to restore the devastated wildlife.”  We will also demand:-there be no new permits on offshore drilling;
-instead, redirect that energy and financing into renewable fuels;
-expose the true costs of oil and the obvious disaster about to hit the coast in waves of oil, killing our fish and livelihoods;
-ensure that BP is held accountable for its rape, murder and profit on our backs.

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