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Clinton coverage highlights TV gender gap: Column

June 21, 2016

OP-ED USA Today: By Gina Glantz, Julie Burton, Debbie Walsh:

Hillary makes history and who do you call to chew it over? If you're TV bookers, mostly men.

Usually when history is made, news outlets call upon individuals with unique understanding of the circumstances to interpret the significance of  the milestone and explain its consequences — people whom viewers would consider experts.

Apparently on cable news, women political commentators don’t fall into that category. Hillary Clinton made history by winning enough delegates to be the first female presidential nominee from a major party. Yet the conversation and analysis about that historic moment has been delegated primarily to male commentators.

On the day when headlines and large photos of the former secretary of State celebrated her historic role in American politics, not one woman appeared on Fox News' The Kelly File. In fact, the only time Hillary Clinton was mentioned was when Megyn Kelly speculated about the cost of her wardrobe, referred to a focus group discussing Clinton’s supposed divisiveness and considered whether President Obama’s endorsement would create a conflict of interest with the investigation of her State Department emails. More >>

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