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Christiane Amanpour Debuts on ABC's "This Week"

August 2, 2010

Christiane Amanpour made her debut on ABC News’ “This Week” this past Sunday, a much awaited and a banner moment in the news media world. Featuring taped interviews with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Amanpour's much anticipated debut was described by New York Times' Alessandra Stanley as making a "noticeable, and even striking, change." ABC This Week Well aware of the deplorable fact that men continue to dominate Sunday morning news programming, the Women’s Media Center congratulated Amanpour and thanked ABC News for its choice when the announcement was made. Not surprisingly, ABC News’ decision generated criticism, notably from Washington Post’s television critic, Tom Shales, who undermined Amanpour’s journalistic credentials and stated his preference for other male--and less qualified--candidates to take up the much sought after position. As Women’s Media Center President, Jehmu Greene, points out, besides taking issue with Amanpour’s gender and Iranian ethnicity, Shales offers scant evidence on why the award-winning journalist is not qualified for the job. In an interview prior to her debut, Amanpour had promised to not just discuss on the politics and policies of Washington but to focus on how they would affect the every day lives of people. Bringing her international reporting experience to the table and recognizing how “everything is globalized,” Amanpour also said that she would focus on the global aspect of the national policies as well as showcase how global issues affect American audiences. At the Women’s Media Center, we look forward to Amanpour’s broadening the scope of the show and will be tuning in on Sundays!