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Calling all future Steinems, Maddows, Amanpours and Courics!

August 20, 2010

Calling all future Steinems, Maddows, Amanpours and Courics! Do you want to become a political commentator or journalist serving as a strong voice in the media? Apply for the last class of Progressive Women's Voices in 2010 today! Apply for Progressive Women's Voices here: or click here to nominate a friend: Progressive Women's Voices is the premier media and leadership training program for women. Participants receive 50 hours of intensive in-person training to master effective interview techniques, craft strong media messages and newsworthy pitches, incorporate video into their work, and develop and place op-ed articles -- improving their skills to serve as thought leaders for the media. By becoming a part of Progressive Women's Voices, you will join a roster of thought leaders who are visibly and powerfully commenting on the important issues of the day. In the words of Meggan Watterson, Executive Director of REVEAL and a recent participant, Progressive Women's Voices "handed her soul a megaphone." Progressive Women's Voices starts with a competitive application process, with final candidates chosen by a committee that includes WMC founders Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, and Robin Morgan. The application deadline for the last class of 2010 is September 3, 2010, with trainings to be held November 5-7 and December 3-5 in New York City. Travel, accommodation, and training expenses are covered by the WMC. With the 2010 elections just around the corner, the Women's Media Center is working to ensure that broadcast, print and online commentators represent the diversity of our nation. Women representing diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, professions, ethnicities, ages, geographical regions and levels of experience are encouraged to apply (including those who have previously applied). For more information about Progressive Women's Voices, click here. PS: It costs the Women's Media Center $10,000 to train each participant. Can you contribute $50, $250, or $500?