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C-orporate B-S on the Super Bowl Controversy

January 28, 2010

Last night CBS addressed the growing firestorm around the anti-choice Super Bowl ad. WMC President Jehmu Greene highlighted the seriousness of the issue for CBS and the NFL, but the news segment marginalizes the broad community campaigning against this ad by identifying only “women’s groups” are opposed. Sean McManus is both the president of CBS News and CBS Sports, so perhaps it's no surprise that the segment doesn't take full responsibility for the ad. It dances around the clear anti-choice focus of the ad, noting that it “does not explicitly condemn abortion.” However, it does highlight Focus on the Family’s agenda, clearly articulated by an FoF spokesperson: “This is a good investment because it allows us to put before the American people who we are and what we stand for.” Although the CBS reporter concedes (towards the end of the segment) that “This is the first time a divisive issue like abortion will be explored during the Super Bowl,” one has to wonder if a CBS exec was standing in the editing room. Click here to send a note to Mr. McManus protesting the ad.