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Beyond the Echo Chamber: Getting Past the Pale, Male and Stale

February 24, 2010

Tracy Van Slyke, Director of The Media Consortium (and a Progressive Women’s Voices alum), and Jessica Clark, Research Director for American University’s Center for Social Media, have just published the already-much-talked/blogged/tweeted-about Beyond the Echo Chamber. The book explores the innovation and reach of new progressive media, from Feministing to Talking Points Memo to Brave New Films. "By harnessing a participatory media environment," Van Slyke and Clark assert, these outlets "have succeeded in influencing political campaigns, public debates, and policymaking at unprecedented levels." And for a taste of the writers' style, check the first paragraph of their recent In These Times article, titled “Beyond the Pale, Male and Stale”: "To reach out to and sustain relationships with so-called 'minority users,' progressive media makers need to move beyond their core white audiences (pale), reach out to women and queer communities (male), and stop being so serious all the time (that is, wonkish, humorless, and stale)." A-men. As FireDogLake's Matthew Kerbel wrote, "Beyond the Echo Chamber is infused with [a] proactive spirit and sense of potential, grounded in a subtle understanding of networked politics.” If you're in New York, stop by the Beyond the Echo Chamber book party, Thursday the 25th, at Donnybrook Bar!
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