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An Inspiration for Us All

September 10, 2010

RuthLast Monday, we celebrated a day off from work – and reflected on grim unemployment statistics, as well as the enduring wage gap between women and men.  But there are upsides to women’s increasing presence and perseverance in the workforce as well. One inspiring woman that’s recently been on our radar is Ruth Gruber, whom the New York Times called “an inspiration for career women, certainly, but also for us all.”

From September 10 to 16 (this Friday to Thursday), Angelika Film Center in New York will be screening Ahead of Time, a documentary about Gruber’s seven-decade career as scholar, photographer, reporter, and humanitarian. Not only did Gruber cover the Nuremberg trials as a journalist after World War II, she also brought Holocaust refugees to America under the direction of President Roosevelt.  Gruber turns 99 this September, and will appear with Director Bob Richman and Producer Zeva Oelbaum at tonight’s screening at 7:35pm and Saturday and Sunday’s 5:15pm screenings. Women may still make 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man, but this pioneer from Brooklyn – who, by the way, was the youngest PhD in the world when she earned the degree – can inspire us to achieve more by next Labor Day.
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