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Category: Feminism, Health, International, Media, Violence against Women

A Spotlight on Journalistic Voice and Sexual Violence

| November 7, 2011

Women’s Media Center’s Women Under Siege director Lauren Wolfe wrote a moving article for The Atlantic last week that cast the spotlight on Columbia journalist Jineth Bedoya. Kidnapped, tortured, and violently raped in an attempt to silence her journalistic voice, Bedoya continues to seek justice for herself 11 years later. Wolfe conveys Bedoya’s intrinsic humanity, illuminating her understanding of the deeper implications of her experience. Wolfe quotes Bedoya as saying, “When you look at my face, make sure you see the thousands and thousands of Colombian women who do not have the opportunity to speak to you today."

Bedoya struggles for her own retribution as well as for a heightened awareness of sexual violence as a weapon waged against free speech. Lauren Wolfe’s piece emphasizes that the “invasive threat” and experience of sexual violence is an everyday reality for journalists around the world, highlighting that the personal is never separate from the political.