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The Inflection Point for the World’s Girls and Women

The Inflection Point for the World’s Girls and Women

| October 21, 2009

The author is attending a global seminar this week in Salzburg, “Smart Change: Investing in Women and Girls, Leveraging Philanthropy for Global Impact,” to produce an international agenda for action. She argues that, in terms of gender, the world has reached an “inflection point,” when old patterns collapse and new ones emerge. More »

WMC News Brief: Shriver Report, Child Care, Peru

October 21, 2009

The Shriver Report, A Demand to End Afghanistan War, Letterman & the Workplace

October 19, 2009

WMC President Carol Jenkins on The Joy Behar Show

October 19, 2009

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WMC News Brief: Anita Dunn, Snowe, Sexism Laws

October 19, 2009

WMC News Brief: New York Times, Clinton, Child Brides

October 16, 2009

It’s Not a Man’s World or a Woman’s Nation

October 15, 2009

WMC News Brief: Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton, Refuges

October 14, 2009

Gender Discrimination in Filmmaking—Bollywood Style

| October 13, 2009

Moviemaking styles may vary between Hollywood and Bollywood, but women working in the Indian commercial film industry have as difficult a time as their counterparts in the United States getting good roles and investment in their films. Director Zoya Akhtar takes a satiric look in Luck by Chance. More »

With Budget Cuts to Higher Education, Lower-Income Students Struggle

| October 9, 2009

Funding cutbacks not only make tuition less affordable for many college students relying on government loans, but they also affect course availability, campus jobs, and other essential factors for earning degrees. More »