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}Women’s Fight To Defend the Affordable Care Act Isn’t Over

Women’s Fight To Defend the Affordable Care Act Isn’t Over

June 28, 2012

The mood at the Supreme Court today was jubilant as Chief Justice John Roberts joined liberal justices in upholding the Affordable Care Act. But the fight isn't over—and the map of this particular battleground will look very familiar to women's health advocates. More »

}Netroots Nation’s “Year of the Woman”

Netroots Nation’s “Year of the Woman”

June 13, 2012

With extraordinary panels, speeches, and social events targeted at women, it felt like "the year of the woman" at last week's seventh annual Netroots Nation progressive bloggers' conference in Providence, Rhode Island. The Women's Media Center was right there in the mix. More »

Sexualization Is Silencing: WMC Statement and Petition on Hustler Attack on Conservative Pundit Cupp

May 24, 2012

The sexualization of women in the media is not a partisan issue -- it’s an ongoing problem that makes it harder for women on both sides of the aisle to run for office and be taken seriously as political commentators and media makers. More »

Who’s Playing Politics with the Violence Against Women Act?

April 25, 2012

The Violence Against Women Act has always been a point of agreement between the parties in Washington. Until now. More »

Katie Roiphe’s BDSM Fantasy: Wrong on Female Empowerment and Wrong on Kink

April 18, 2012

There are as many ways to do kink as a crowded planet full of imaginative sexual beings can conjure—but Roiphe’s idea of submission sounds like nothing so much as doing it wrong. More »

“16 and Pregnant” Brings Abortion to Prime Time

April 4, 2012

Reality TV just got a little more real about abortion. More »