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Michele Filgate

Michele Filgate

Michele Filgate is an essayist, critic, and teacher of creative nonfiction. Filgate's work has appeared in multiple publications including The Boston Globe, Buzzfeed, and Salon.




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Broadcast News: When Women Become Two out of Three

Broadcast News: When Women Become Two out of Three

September 8, 2009

The author, whose first job after earning her journalism degree was with Katie Couric’s evening news show, argues that both Couric and Diane Sawyer will adjust to a changing TV news scene, one in which the traditional evening broadcasts coexist with interactive new media. More »

Finding a Media Career that Suits Me—Not My Image of Myself

March 3, 2009

From an early age, the author had a particular kind of career in mind. And, rapidly, she was realizing her dreams working in network television—until she stepped back and took another look at what she wanted in life. More »

New Hampshire Women Voters Struggle to Make Up Their Minds

January 7, 2008