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Lisa Wise

Lisa Wise

Over the last twenty years, Lisa Wise’s professional experiences have all been anchored in empowering individuals as consumers, building stronger communities, and creating forward thinking businesses. Each of her endeavors are a real time exploration of the intersection between social responsibility and entrepreneurship. In 2009, Lisa co-founded Nest DC, a boutique property management company focusing on residential rental units and small condominium buildings exclusively in Washington. In 2011 & 2012, Nest DC was a top property management company in the DC City Paper  “Best of DC” issue.  Year over year, Nest enjoyed a growth rate of 170% and added 7 full time employees with gross revenues expected to top 1 million dollars by the close of 2012.  Started in one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression, Nest DC continues to fill a unique need in the real estate marketplace by providing high quality units to tenants who otherwise work with companies that are more focused on cash flow than quality living.

Lisa Wise is a WMC SheSource expert on Personal Finance, Business and the Economy, and Social Justice. 


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Weathering the Storm, Then Changing Course

September 25, 2008

An economic storm is descending, and for many, the storm will be bad. While the Bush Administration and Congress wrestle with how to bail out Wall Street, and argue about how softly CEOs of failed financial institutions should be allowed to land, average citizens must leap into the new reality without benefit of 24-karat parachutes. More »