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WMC Daily News Brief: CNBC, Clinton, Lebanon

August 27, 2008

From The Agitator

August 26, 2008

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Day 2 in Denver

August 26, 2008

Donna Brazile Votes to Nominate Hillary

August 26, 2008

Live-Blogging Hillary Clinton's Speech with Fellow Bloggers!

August 26, 2008

In Women's Equality Day Speech, Hillary Will Look With Long Eyes

August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama Wows the Critics

| August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama talked about parents who struggle to make sure their children can get a share of the American dream. She talked about every-day principles of life, taught by parents and grandparents and passed on to the next generation. More »

Heartfeldt Politics—on the DNC

August 25, 2008

The Working Momifesto - The DNC & You

August 25, 2008

The View from Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ Turf

| August 25, 2008

It’s a strange truth that national and international news somehow looks different, up close. So I found it to be upon waking up in Ohio last week, where I happened to be working, the morning following the untimely death of Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, 58, from a massive brain aneurysm. More »