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Ground Zero of the Housing Crisis: Report from Miami

| July 16, 2008

As the Bush administration unveiled a publicly financed plan to "save" mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, local residents at a town hall forum in Miami were calling for criminal prosecutions of the loan-shark mortgage brokers and investment firms that profited from poor people's housing despair. More »

WMC Daily News Brief - Op-Eds, Contraception, Bishops

July 16, 2008

WMC Daily News Brief - Grego, Title IX, Italy

July 15, 2008

The New Yorker Magazine Cover/Obama "Satire"

July 14, 2008

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WMC Daily News Brief - Meet the Press, GOP Women, Iraq

July 14, 2008

WMC Daily News Brief - China, Obama, Sexism

July 11, 2008

LA Times: USTA drops Justin Gimelstob from its U.S. Open TV ad campaign

July 10, 2008

WMC Daily News Brief - Ling, Domestic Violence, Kenya

July 10, 2008

Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, and the Missing Op-Ed Writers

July 10, 2008

“This Constantly Pulsating Fear”—Feingold Talks FISA with Brian Beutler

| July 9, 2008

Living up to predictions by Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold of "the caving of very large numbers of Democrats [on] an awful piece of legislation," the Senate remains poised to pass the Protect America Act (PAA) in a form that will allow telephone companies and internet providers immunity from prosecution for forking over consumer information to government spymasters. The bill confers immunity that would be retroactive to the first days of a warrantless spying program originated by the Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks. In an interview with The Media Consortium's Brian Beutler, Feingold attributed Democrats' weakness to "this constantly pulsating fear of being accused of being soft on terrorism." More »