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Congressional Democrats Embrace Equal Pay Issue

September 12, 2007

Tags: Politics

Uganda’s Warrior Girls

| September 10, 2007

Yes, this slight, shy girl talking with me in the schoolyard killed four people. The rebel soldiers had given her the dictum so many warrior Ugandan children live under: “Kill, or we will kill you.” She tells her story in a rapid-fire, hushed monotone—as if rushing to deliver a memorized passage from a tale too awful to really think about. And that it is. She is only now 16 years old: as an 11-year-old soldier she killed grown men. I don’t give her name because life is still too dangerous for her. Abducted from her school by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) as a small child, she is now rebuilding her life in northern Uganda—a student at a boarding school for girls in Kitgum, near the Sudanese border. In the run of her life, she managed to escape from the brutality of the rebel army only to return to her village to find her parents dead. More »

Hillary’s Rove Factor

| September 6, 2007

Murders in Mexico Continue

| September 4, 2007

L’Chaim! A Celebration of Grace Paley

| August 27, 2007

Hillary Gets Down

| August 22, 2007

Bucking an Anti-Terror Law

| August 20, 2007

What Price Earth?

| August 16, 2007

Abeer’s Courage

| August 9, 2007

During the long days of the rape and murder court-martial of Sgt. Jesse Spielman at Fort Campbell where I was reporting a story for the Women’s Media Center website—I was struck by the language I was hearing and the apparent meaning of the words. More »

Lessons From a Congress Rushing to Recess

| August 8, 2007