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In Memory of Benazir Bhutto, Cut U.S. Ties to Musharraf

| December 28, 2007

Persepolis—Iranian Feminist as Subversive

| December 27, 2007

Social Networking Sites Provide Unprecedented Forums for Hillary Hating

| December 26, 2007

Sexual Violence as Occupational Hazard—In Iraq and at Home in the U.S.A.

| December 21, 2007

Jamie Leigh Jones was just 20 in 2005 when she took a leap of faith to work in Iraq for her employer, military contractor Kellogg, Brown & Root, then a subsidiary of Halliburton. She went on a mission she believed in. Shortly after her arrival in Iraq, however, Jones’ ambitions were dashed in an alleged gang rape by co-workers. More »

The Four Solstice Miracles

| December 20, 2007

Who Is Making Those Troubling Toys from China?

| December 17, 2007

WMC Commends ABC News for Exposing Rape Allegations Against U.S. Contractor in Iraq

December 11, 2007

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Oprah & Hillary—No Last Names Necessary

| December 10, 2007

Lucy Lippard on Eco Art and Climate Change

| December 6, 2007

WMC Commentary: “Charlie Wilson’s War” and Pakistan at a Crossroads

| December 3, 2007