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“Boston Herald” vs. Elizabeth Warren: “The Nation” Asks, Will Sexism Win or Lose?

August 2, 2012

Writing for "The Nation," Greg Mitchell says it's bad enough that "Boston Herald" opinion columnists won't quit the sexist attacks on Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren—now the front page, too, is skipping any analysis of her stance on the issues in favor of ad-feminem gender baiting. More »

“You Never Really Hear About Mitt Romney’s Ankles:” Gloria Feldt on Female Candidates and the Media

July 9, 2012

Women's Media Center board member Gloria Feldt was on America's Radio News Network on Friday to discuss media treatment of female political candidates, and what kind of effect that may have on other women considering a run. More »

Gloria Steinem, Women’s Media Center Founder, Denounces Sexist and Racist Ad in California Campaign

| June 16, 2011

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September 23, 2010