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Supreme Court Makes It Harder to Convict for Online Threats

| June 2, 2015

The Court reversed a conviction, but avoided First Amendment questions. Two feminist legal experts weigh in on what yesterday’s Elonis decision means. More »

Reporting on Rape: We Can and Must Get It Right

| January 15, 2015

The author, a former sex crimes prosecutor, points out that true reports of rape are all too common, false reports of rape are rare but they exist, and good investigations can tell them apart. More »

The Power of Mothers: A History of Disappearance

The Power of Mothers: A History of Disappearance

| May 10, 2013

In Juárez, mothers of disappeared and murdered daughters from the last two decades are following in a long tradition of Latin American mothers who have taken to the streets to protest the disappearance of their children. More »

Video: Lauren Wolfe On “Global Journalist” To Discuss Journalists and Sexualized Attacks

May 23, 2012

Lauren Wolfe, director of Women's Media Center's Women Under Siege project, appeared on Global Journalist Radio with David Reed, alongside NPR correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, to discuss the under-reported problem of sexual violence against journalists. More »

Conservative Media Misrepresents House Version of VAWA

| May 18, 2012

In the wake of the House passing a version of the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization that excludes immigrants, Native Americans and LGTB women, of course Fox News and others are painting their protection as unnecessary. More »

Who’s Playing Politics with the Violence Against Women Act?

| April 25, 2012

The Violence Against Women Act has always been a point of agreement between the parties in Washington. Until now. More »

Date Rape Revisited

Date Rape Revisited

| February 23, 2012

Twenty-five years after an historic campus study, why are colleges still struggling to deal with the problem? More »

Finally! FBI’s “Forcible Rape” Definition Is Officially History

| January 9, 2012

Female Social Media Users in Danger

| December 19, 2011

Lara Logan Interviewed by WMC Founding President Carol Jenkins

| November 29, 2011