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Military Changes Course on Psychiatric Discharge for Sexual Assault Survivor

| July 23, 2015

Military sexual assault survivors are often labeled with psychiatric disorders, then discharged on that basis. The Army has reversed its decision in one such case--does this signal a change for future survivors? More »

Reporting on Rape: We Can and Must Get It Right

| January 15, 2015

The author, a former sex crimes prosecutor, points out that true reports of rape are all too common, false reports of rape are rare but they exist, and good investigations can tell them apart. More »

Using Student-Made Films to Confront Campus Sexual Assault

Using Student-Made Films to Confront Campus Sexual Assault

| November 6, 2013

Student filmmakers and their professors at five far-flung colleges have united to create a diverse collection of short films to promote campus sexual assault awareness and prevention. So far, the films have reached 400 additional schools, and counting. More »

When “Jane” Comes Marching Home Again

When “Jane” Comes Marching Home Again

| June 1, 2012

In May the Army began a new Defense Department policy that will open an additional 14,000 positions for women. Will we be ready for them when they come home? More »

Video: Lauren Wolfe On “Global Journalist” To Discuss Journalists and Sexualized Attacks

May 23, 2012

Lauren Wolfe, director of Women's Media Center's Women Under Siege project, appeared on Global Journalist Radio with David Reed, alongside NPR correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, to discuss the under-reported problem of sexual violence against journalists. More »

Three Weeks in January: End Rape in Los Angeles

Three Weeks in January: End Rape in Los Angeles

| January 26, 2012

Artist Suzanne Lacy has recreated aspects of her landmark performance art piece, “Three Weeks in May,” with an installation that focuses on Los Angeles today, decades into the anti-rape movement, and features a candlelight ceremony on January 27. More »

Finally! FBI’s “Forcible Rape” Definition Is Officially History

| January 9, 2012

Needed—A Spotlight on Stalking

Needed—A Spotlight on Stalking

| December 16, 2011

The subject of an episode of "Stalked: Someone's Watching," the author calls on the media to investigate and report on the kind of help required by survivors of stalking crimes. More »

Lara Logan Interviewed by WMC Founding President Carol Jenkins

| November 29, 2011

Breaking Bella—When Love Equals Violence

Breaking Bella—When Love Equals Violence

| November 18, 2011

The author—many of whose friends, along with their younger sisters, have loved the Twilight characters since the day they picked up the first novel in the series—turns a spotlight on the fate of the heroine of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One," which opens this week. More »