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McCain Tries To Grab the History Flag From Obama

| August 29, 2008

August 28: We Watched History in the Making

| August 29, 2008

In a dramatically staged closing evening of the Democratic Convention in Denver—with fireworks in his speech and in the night air, persuasive endorsements from generals (men, women, white and black) and real people (women and men with compelling stories, well told)— Barack Obama took control of his campaign for the White House by reminding his supporters it’s about their lives, their children’s futures: More »

Accepting the Nomination, Obama Takes On McCain

| August 29, 2008

After a month of incoming fire, Barack Obama used his acceptance speech to hit back at Republican John McCain, saying he was out of touch with the suffering of ordinary Americans today. More »

Both Clintons Deliver for Obama, With an Assist from Joe Biden

| August 28, 2008

It was a one-two punch from the Clintons. Pundits praised their speeches on behalf of Barack Obama with every sports metaphor that exists: a knockout blow; a 10-strike, out-of-the-ballpark coup. More »

A Nearly Perfect Speech—Hillary Clinton at the DNC

| August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton approached the podium tonight at the Democratic National Convention with a tall order to fill: to deliver a speech of historical significance that would fulfill the immediate needs of pragmatic politics. Tall or not, the order was filled. More »

Michelle Obama Wows the Critics

| August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama talked about parents who struggle to make sure their children can get a share of the American dream. She talked about every-day principles of life, taught by parents and grandparents and passed on to the next generation. More »

The View from Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ Turf

| August 25, 2008

It’s a strange truth that national and international news somehow looks different, up close. So I found it to be upon waking up in Ohio last week, where I happened to be working, the morning following the untimely death of Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, 58, from a massive brain aneurysm. More »

Women Welcome Obama’s Choice of Biden

| August 23, 2008

Leaders of key women’s rights groups breathed a sigh of relief at Barack Obama’s selection of Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. More »

In November, Women Will Vote With Health Care In Mind

| August 21, 2008

The Clinton Nomination: Historic But Not Unprecedented

| August 20, 2008

That Hillary Clinton’s name is being placed in nomination at the 2008 Democratic National Convention next week in Denver is the subject of much controversy. “Hillary Haters” are pointing to the ongoing Clinton drama. “Hillary Lovers” are rejoicing that she will be recognized for her historic presidential bid. More »