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McCain Ridicules Health Exemptions for Abortion

| October 16, 2008

The final presidential debate touched on three important issues for women, while women’s groups continue to press the campaigns for an elusive commitment to a Lifetime TV forum that would allow more extensive discussion and questioning. More »

Speaking of Change: Women Broadcasters Deliver

| October 8, 2008

Two thirds of the way through the male-moderated presidential debates, history has turned in this election when women broadcasters played a role. More »

Pundits and Viewers Give Palin a Pass

| October 3, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin’s strategy of avoiding tough questions and talking into the camera will strengthen her connection with the GOP base. Independent voters are another matter. More »

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Where Have Our Standards Gone?

| October 3, 2008

What does it say about a nation, when the true take away message from a vice-presidential debate is that one of its participants actually does have the ability to string together a series of coherent sentences? More »

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Speaker Pelosi: Leadership Tested By Fire

| September 30, 2008

The financial meltdown is testing the leadership abilities of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then some. More »

Palin Power(less)

| September 30, 2008

No one can argue against the need for a strong foreign policy. As a nation, we face challenges ranging from terrorism and climate change to the enduring wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. None of these problems can be solved without building a better relationship with the rest of the world. None can be solved without creative and informed leaders. More »

Weathering the Storm, Then Changing Course

| September 25, 2008

An economic storm is descending, and for many, the storm will be bad. While the Bush Administration and Congress wrestle with how to bail out Wall Street, and argue about how softly CEOs of failed financial institutions should be allowed to land, average citizens must leap into the new reality without benefit of 24-karat parachutes. More »

Financial Meltdown Sidelines Politics As Usual

| September 22, 2008

Pollsters Grapple With a Sarah Surge

| September 15, 2008

Tracking the women’s vote in this historic presidential election is proving to be tricky. More »

Republicans for Choice Seek Common Ground With Sarah Palin

| September 12, 2008

We at Republicans for Choice (RFC) are strongly pro-choice so we should be upset by John McCain’s pick for vice president of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is ardently anti- choice. Let me tell you why we are not. Being pro-choice does not mean we are against women who disagree with us. Her choice is her choice. More »