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Changing the World, One Blog at a Time

| January 29, 2009

The author, WMC’s media manager, understood the potential of networking. But the true power of the web for advocacy hit home when an injustice threatened her family. Here she describes how anyone can use the process. More »

What Is the True Story of McCain’s Wartime Experience?

| October 28, 2008

Journalists have had years to vet John McCain’s account of wartime heroism in Vietnam. But no real critique of its veracity has emerged from leading media outlets. Reporters and commentators remain remarkably disinclined to investigate a major underpinning of McCain’s argument that he is qualified to be commander-in-chief. Here, historian Mary Hershberger questions why. More »

The New Media Message For Women

| October 21, 2008

While the old boys’ network continues to dominate mainstream media, women are tending to look elsewhere for their news and information. This year, the blogosphere has emerged as a powerful venue for women’s political activity as well. More »

Speaking of Change: Women Broadcasters Deliver

| October 8, 2008

Two thirds of the way through the male-moderated presidential debates, history has turned in this election when women broadcasters played a role. More »

Calling All Women and Minority Media Owners (But Not Too Loudly)

| August 1, 2008

“This is a bit more civilized than usual,” one attendee could be heard saying upon entering the auditorium for the Federal Communications Commission event in New York City on Tuesday. Unlike the emotional collection of media activists, protestors, concerned citizens and artists (some of whom directed hisses and sneers at FCC Chair Kevin Martin) who attended any one of the public hearings held by the commission over the past year, this one featured mostly suits and ties, all of whom coolly assembled without fanfare at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. More »

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Women Ahead of the (Blog) Curve

| July 24, 2008

Four years ago Lisa Stone, Jory des Jardins and Elisa Camahort Page wanted to settle the annoying question they were constantly hearing: where are the women bloggers? So they put out a call, on their blogs of course, asking women if they would come to a conference, and, as Elisa says, the "response was immediate, passionate and positive.” Today Blogher has exploded from the 300 early attendees to 1,000 women (and a couple of guys) who just spent two days in San Francisco networking, learning and creating community around the act of blogging. More »

Blogging While Brown (and Female)

| July 2, 2008

“People consider me the 411 on what goes wrong with black women in America,” says Gina McCauley, founder of More »

Robin Morgan and Anna Quindlen on the Media, Politics, and Change

Robin Morgan and Anna Quindlen on the Media, Politics, and Change

| April 22, 2007

Robin Morgan and Anna Quindlen discuss the media, politics and change. Excerpted below, this conversation is the beginning of a series of conversations sponsored by the Women’s Media Center. More »