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New U.S. Policy in AfPak: Looking for Mr. Moderate Taliban

New U.S. Policy in AfPak: Looking for Mr. Moderate Taliban

| March 16, 2009

To those who advocate making peace with certain elements of the Taliban, the author, who has worked to secure human rights with Pakistani legislators across the ideological spectrum, argues against any prospective deal that sacrifices women’s empowerment. More »

Why We Must Still Remember

| March 13, 2009

Beginning in 2006, the Women’s Media Center began a series of articles to alert the public about violence against women involving U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Helen Zia, a WMC board member, explains why we must continue to demand justice. More »

Of Slumdog and Loveleen

Of Slumdog and Loveleen

| February 17, 2009

The author, a filmmaker herself, considers what the woman with the title of “co-director” contributed to the remarkable success of a leading contender for both best director and best picture at this year’s Oscars—and what the controversy means for women filmmakers. More »

Turning the Tide against the Taliban: What Works

Turning the Tide against the Taliban: What Works

| February 3, 2009

The Obama Administration must empower the Pakistani people, who have already shown that they’re ready and able to stand up against the forces oppressing women and girls in the valley of Swat and elsewhere. Here, the secretary-general of Parliamentarians for Global Action, tells us how. More »

Turning Pain to Power

| February 2, 2009

Women and girls in eastern Congo suffer sexual atrocities that are tactics of war in the region. Playwright Eve Ensler has joined with Dr. Denis Mukwege to ask us to imagine the unimaginable, to empathize and join together to end the terror. More »

A War on Pakistan’s Schoolgirls

| January 27, 2009

In a remarkably beautiful area of Pakistan, the Taliban is making a nightmare of girls’ lives. The author, a Pakistani lawyer and staff member of Equality Now, tells us how the Obama Administration can avoid the mistakes of its predecessor. More »

Mothers Linked World Wide

| December 8, 2008

They met in Toronto and cemented a movement of mothers that now promises a global network, with a website and a wide-ranging set of objectives. The author helped film a documentary tracing their progress. More »

A Quiet Revolution in the Developing World

A Quiet Revolution in the Developing World

| December 1, 2008

The Gates Foundation has found an experienced adviser who knows as much as anyone about the importance of focusing on women to increase agricultural production in those countries where hungry people need it most. And her gender-sensitive policy does not end with the farmers. More »

National Security: Women Must Define the Priorities Debate

| October 23, 2008

Russian Women Look Outward to Create Change

| September 11, 2008

The Russian conflict with Georgia may as some predict risk a return to Cold War-style relations. But from what I saw in Chuvashia, an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation, 600 kilometers east of Moscow—from the vantage point of an innovative summer camp that was nearing season’s end—changes in the two decades since the fall of the Soviet Union have taken root. More »