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Gender Discrimination in Filmmaking—Bollywood Style

| October 13, 2009

Moviemaking styles may vary between Hollywood and Bollywood, but women working in the Indian commercial film industry have as difficult a time as their counterparts in the United States getting good roles and investment in their films. Director Zoya Akhtar takes a satiric look in Luck by Chance. More »

Afghanistan: Will Obama Listen to the Women?

Afghanistan: Will Obama Listen to the Women?

| October 8, 2009

Eight years ago on October 7, the United States sent troops into Afghanistan. Having just returned from there, the author, co-founder with Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK, brings an open letter to President Obama from prominent Afghan women and their supporters from Pakistan, India and the United States—asking that he send no more troops and work quickly toward a political solution. More »

Sakena Yacoobi’s Vision for Afghanistan

| October 1, 2009

For over a decade, Sakena Yacoobi has worked for the welfare of her nation, particularly the girls and women of Afghanistan. The West can help with infrastructure, she says. But solutions for a better future must be forged with respect to a culture that is thousands of years old. More »

In Defense of the French Health System: Having a Baby in Paris

| September 29, 2009

As the U.S. Senate struggles to produce health-care reform legislation that can win the votes of 60 members, cost issues rise to the forefront of the debate. Poet Carolyn Forché’s experience suggests that universal access to health care is not only the right thing to do morally but financially as well. More »

September 12th—The Long Day After

September 12th—The Long Day After

| September 14, 2009

The author, a Pakistan-born New Yorker, connects our collective sorrow on 9/11 to what terrorism and its aftermath continue to take away. More »

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women’s Gains in Human Rights

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women’s Gains in Human Rights

| August 28, 2009

In Honduras, the first military coup of the 21st Century is having a devastating effect on human rights, according to the author, a producer at FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavour), which was represented in an international delegation visiting the country this month. More »

“Imani” for Rape Survivors: A Nurse's Travels to Kenya

| August 13, 2009

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton completes her trip to Africa, the author describes how nurses in one city torn by conflict are combatting violent crimes against women. More »

What Were Laura Ling and Euna Lee Looking For in North Korea?

What Were Laura Ling and Euna Lee Looking For in North Korea?

| August 10, 2009

The trafficking story is a dangerous pursuit—but without more information and world attention, tens of thousands of North Korean women and girls are caught up as victims with no place to turn. More »

Pakistan’s Little Rock Nine

| August 6, 2009

Protecting schoolgirls forced to face down the Taliban mob in the Swat valley—education is the place to start, writes the author, toward an equitable and secure future. More »

Saving Afghan Women from the "Liberators"

| August 4, 2009

The Obama Administration acts as though George Bush abandoned Afghanistan for Iraq and, therefore, an infusion of troops and money will solve the country’s massive problems. But, argues the author, the international community is already engaged and intent on supporting Afghan women. Lasting change must come at the hands of Afghan women themselves—and Afghan men. More »