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George Tiller: A Legacy of Trust

George Tiller: A Legacy of Trust

| January 25, 2010

With jury selection complete, the trial of the man accused of murdering Dr. Tiller began Friday, on the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The author, an ob/gyn at the beginning of her career, here speaks for doctors who are inspired by the slain man. More »

Women Healthcare Executives—Where Are They in the Health Reform Debate?

| January 19, 2010

The author, an activist for women’s health and safety, looks in vain for leadership from women in corporate healthcare boardrooms as negotiations on reform reach the final stage. More »

Will Fundamental Rights or Fundamentalism Prevail in the Health Care Battle?

| December 21, 2009

Shortly after midnight, Senate Democrats amassed the 60 votes necessary to pass a key test for health care legislation, but only after bowing to demands on abortion coverage that threaten women’s health and well-being. More »

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Calls on Progressive Catholics to Resist Pressure from Bishops on Abortion

| December 16, 2009

At a critical moment for health care reform, Townsend says it is essential for religious progressives to speak up. More »

Breast Cancer Screening: Why I Support the New Guidelines

| December 14, 2009

Media coverage of the new guidelines regarding mammography screening has emphasized controversy and focused on fears about health rationing. However, many women’s health advocates have, for years, warned that the tests are oversold. Here, the author explains and asks us to take a rational look at the evidence. More »

A Few Acres and a Cow (or Two): Up from Poverty in East Africa

A Few Acres and a Cow (or Two): Up from Poverty in East Africa

| November 25, 2009

Backed by Gates Foundation funding, women dairy farmers in Uganda are working collectively to care for their families, their livestock, their crops and the earth. More »

Health Care Reform: Pro-choice Forces Win the First Round in the Senate

| November 23, 2009

Senate Democrats held firm to allow debate to begin on a health care bill that avoids the abortion restrictions of the House-passed measure—and pro-choice activists are mobilizing to keep the heat on. But there are many hurdles ahead. More »

Will Progressive Groups Help Feminists Stop Stupak?

| November 13, 2009

After the shocking setback in the House for abortion rights, women’s rights groups turned their attention to the Senate, which could begin debate on health care reform next week. More »

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

| November 12, 2009

Democratic leaders have said that the turn-around on abortion contained in the House health-reform bill will not appear in the final version. The author, a Women’s Media Center board member and former president ofPlanned Parenthood Federation of America, explains here why voters who value women’s health cannot sit back and accept such assurances. More »

Taking the Fall for Health Care Reform?

| November 9, 2009

The price for health care reform in the House is women’s right to choose—and, adding insult to injury, the deal was negotiated by the first woman to serve as House speaker. More »