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Living With Disability—And Recession

| November 3, 2009

The U.S. Congress designated October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. From an international perspective, the author explains how economic hard times are particularly harsh for women with disabilities. More »

Chronic Illness and Health Care Reform: I’m Too Tired to Fight This By Myself

| October 23, 2009

Health care reform, crucial to all of us, is especially important to the chronically ill, who need coverage of “maintenance medicine”—everyday care that can be guaranteed in a national system. The author is doing all she can, but she needs some help. More »

In Defense of the French Health System: Having a Baby in Paris

| September 29, 2009

As the U.S. Senate struggles to produce health-care reform legislation that can win the votes of 60 members, cost issues rise to the forefront of the debate. Poet Carolyn Forché’s experience suggests that universal access to health care is not only the right thing to do morally but financially as well. More »

Colorism, Black Women, and Contemporary Representation

| September 25, 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter touched off a media firestorm recently by suggesting that racism explained the extreme rancor of some criticism of President Obama’s health reform plan. The resulting debate, however, didn’t begin to reach the nuance of how attitudes about race are experienced in this country, particularly by black women, as the author explains. More »

Doctors Demand Climate Change Action to Avert “Global Health Catastrophe”

| September 21, 2009

For Wage-Earning Women—A 21st Century Answer

For Wage-Earning Women—A 21st Century Answer

| September 4, 2009

Employed women have a wide variety of needs—equitable wages, reliable benefits, regular hours and flexible schedules—the very issues that unions can address through collective bargaining. Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act can help. More »

Health Care Reform: Post-recess Politics

| September 2, 2009

House and Senate members return to D.C. next week having heard an earful from constituents on health care reform. It falls to President Obama to cut through the confusion. More »

Media Blind to GOP Hypocrisy in Health Care Debate

| August 26, 2009

On this Women’s Equality Day, the author suggests that the Republicans should not have a free ride as they deny women reproductive care while sanctifying the doctor-patient relationship and decrying government involvement in the health care system. More »

Health Care Reform—What’s At Stake for Women?

| August 20, 2009

The firestorm about the public option may miss the point for women. Women’s groups have worked with the White House and legislators to put critical expansion of care in all the major health care reform bills making their way through Congress. More »

Honoring Evelyn Coke

| August 14, 2009

She fought all the way to the Supreme Court to win justice for home care workers. Now we must honor her by advancing her cause. More »

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