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Breaching the Concrete Ceiling

| August 9, 2010

As the U.S. economy shows faint signs of recovery, innovative and diverse leadership is essential. At a recent Leadership Summit in New York City, The National Council for Research on Women identified ways of advancing and retaining women of color in positions of responsibility in the business sector. More »

The Problems We Mothers Wish We Had

The Problems We Mothers Wish We Had

| May 6, 2010

While the media focus on “Work-Family Dilemmas of the Rich and Famous,” the average employed mother has few resources and fewer choices, says the author of a new book, “The War on Moms: On Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation.” More »

The Tea Party Movement - Taking the Pulse

The Tea Party Movement - Taking the Pulse

| April 26, 2010

So far this election year, the angry grass-roots organizing energy is strongest on the right, but the Tea Partiers are hard to pigeonhole says veteran D.C. journalist and frequent WMC reporter Peggy Simpson. More »

The Paycheck Fairness Act: Now an Economic Imperative

The Paycheck Fairness Act: Now an Economic Imperative

| April 20, 2010

On this Equal Pay Day, the author, executive director of the national education equity organization AAUW, argues that the nation’s recovery from the Great Recession depends on fair pay for women. More »

A Vibrant Encounter Space Online: The International Museum of Women

| March 31, 2010

The International Museum of Women is an innovative “new media” approach that utilizes women’s creative powers as a bridge for activism. More »

Health Insurance: States Move Ahead on Curbing Costs

| March 19, 2010

Whatever happens with health reform in Washington, D.C., unfair health insurance rates for women are being banned by an increasing number of states. Here, two New Mexican advocates tell how it happened in their state. More »

Is Wealth a Feminist Issue?

| March 15, 2010

Better paying jobs aren’t enough to ensure women’s economic stability, according to a new study. For black women and Latinas in particular, a focus on bridging the “wealth gap” rather than the pay gap may make the most sense. More »

Budget 2011: What Will Women Gain?

| February 3, 2010

If a budget is the ultimate statement of values, the Obama Administration deserves some good marks for attending to women’s needs in an austere time. More »

Yemeni Women Take Control of Their Lives in Brooklyn

| January 6, 2010

Women from a country in the news for its dysfunction and poverty are reaching out to grasp economic opportunities in their new U.S. home, even as they stay true to traditional roots. More »

Global Gender Gap Report: Some Gains in Africa

Global Gender Gap Report: Some Gains in Africa

| November 18, 2009

In its country-by-country index comparing the status of men and women, the World Economic Forum finds that Nordic countries remain highest on the equity scale. Here, the co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders explains the study and its importance to women and girls. More »