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Men for Women’s Choice

Men for Women’s Choice

| March 12, 2012

On the issue of contraceptives and choice, most men quoted and pictured in the media recently have opposed women controlling their reproductive health. The authors plan to change that. More »

Voters Reject GOP State Initiatives—What's the Message for 2012?

Voters Reject GOP State Initiatives—What's the Message for 2012?

| November 10, 2011

In a week when voters shot down anti-union and anti-reproductive choice measures, President Obama took pride in initiatives to advance women's equality. More »

News Brief: An Obama Report Card, Sex Workers Murdered, An Update on Birth Control

January 28, 2011

I Need to Learn to Spell "Sebelius"

March 1, 2009

Say It Isn't So, O!

December 17, 2008

Show Her the Money

December 9, 2008

Battle Looms for Electoral Votes in the Wide-Open Spaces

| September 4, 2008

While engulfed in gusts of doubt and controversy—and as anticipation intensifies about her prime time speech at the Republican convention tonight (will she address the thorniest of the issues?)—Sarah Palin is not shy of supporters. More »

August 28: We Watched History in the Making

| August 29, 2008

In a dramatically staged closing evening of the Democratic Convention in Denver—with fireworks in his speech and in the night air, persuasive endorsements from generals (men, women, white and black) and real people (women and men with compelling stories, well told)— Barack Obama took control of his campaign for the White House by reminding his supporters it’s about their lives, their children’s futures: More »

Accepting the Nomination, Obama Takes On McCain

| August 29, 2008

After a month of incoming fire, Barack Obama used his acceptance speech to hit back at Republican John McCain, saying he was out of touch with the suffering of ordinary Americans today. More »

Both Clintons Deliver for Obama, With an Assist from Joe Biden

| August 28, 2008

It was a one-two punch from the Clintons. Pundits praised their speeches on behalf of Barack Obama with every sports metaphor that exists: a knockout blow; a 10-strike, out-of-the-ballpark coup. More »