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MTV Abortion Special “No Easy Decision” Addresses Abortion with Compassionate Integrity

December 29, 2010

Watch-in for MTV's 16 & Loved - Support Teens Sharing Abortion Stories

December 22, 2010

"Abortion Democracy:" Feminist Film-Maker Inspires Us to Speak Out for Women

"Abortion Democracy:" Feminist Film-Maker Inspires Us to Speak Out for Women

December 20, 2010

Documenting Late-Term Abortion

| November 19, 2010

Journalist Catherine Epstein talks to two documentarians about their film on late-term abortion and their motives for creating it. More »

Why Mama Grizzlies Vote Pro-Choice

Why Mama Grizzlies Vote Pro-Choice

| October 29, 2010

WMC Co-founder Gloria Steinem writes about the most crucial economic issues for women on Election Day‚Äďand the real Mama Grizzlies. More »

Thank you, Rachel Maddow, for "Assassination of Dr. Tiller"

October 27, 2010

Australian Woman Prosecuted for Medical Abortion

| September 16, 2010

In the state of Queensland, a young woman may face seven years in prison for allegedly taking the abortifacient RU486. Michelle Dicinoski, PhD, looks into the pro-choice advocates rallying around her case. More »

Standing with Abortion Providers

Standing with Abortion Providers

| July 16, 2010

Doctors who provide women with abortion services often don't have the luxury of privacy and security. Here, the leader of a group organized to represent those front-line physicians tells how each of us who believe in a woman's right to safe reproductive health care can support their work. More »