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Announcing the WMC Speech Project at the Sixth Annual Women in the World Summit

The Women’s Media Center is at the sixth annual Women In The World Summit in New York City with Ashley Judd, Chair of a new project we are developing, called the WMC Speech Project – Curbing Abuse, Expanding Expression.  The Women In The World Summit panel is called Stop The Trolls:  How Women Are Fighting Back and Seeking Legal Recourse Against Online Harassment and Abuse.  Katie Couric — Yahoo Global News Anchor, is the panel moderator.  In addition to Ashley Judd, other panelists include:  Emily Bazelon — Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine, Kamala D. Harris — California Attorney General, and Anita Sarkeesian — Founder and Executive Director of Feminist Frequency.  Learn more about the project, Ashley Judd, and project director Soraya Chemaly at wmcspeechproject.com.

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