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ESRC 'Gendered Media Misrepresentations of Women Professionals and Leaders'

This conference will be held at the Goodenough College in central London, and is the culmination of a successful three-year ESRC Seminar Series. Confirmed keynote speakers for this event are: Professor Karen Ashcraft, University of Colorado, and Julie Burton, President, Women's Media Center, Washington DC.

The seminar series is a collaborative project between Lancaster, Roehampton and Bradford universities with a focus on challenging gendered media misrepresentations of women professionals and leaders. The media is a powerful player in the promotion or otherwise of gender equality worldwide and media representations of women have great impact on how women are viewed and view themselves.

However, a continued media focus on women's gender, not competence, ignores women's achievements as leaders and professionals, misrepresenting their ability, contribution and advancement. This innovative seminar series explores, examines and challenges how media shapes and influences the way in which women are represented as professionals and leaders. Unique in bringing together leading international researchers, journalists, lobbyists and those committed to the progress of women professionals and leaders, this series aims to:

  • raise awareness and understanding of gendered stereotypes of women and their effects;
  • challenge the gendered construction of women leaders in the media;
  • identify future research agendas for academics and practitioners in management and business.